Jack O'Malley is a police officer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is involved in the Cloak & Daggers sidequest.


O'Malley is a corrupt policeman. Suspected by DPD's Internal Affairs of dealing with criminals, he is in reality a FEMA operative, under orders to incite a gang war between the Derelict Row Ballers and the Motor City Bangers to shift the attention from the Agency's prison camp in Highland Park, an area towards which the gangs started to expand.

While helping Jenny Alexander to find incriminating evidence on O'Malley, Adam Jensen poses as a hitman to get information from him. O'Malley reveals that his plan is to use the hitman to kill Double-T, a member of the MCB gang and a witness of O'Malley's shady dealings, and then plant the murder weapon in a stash in Derelict Row, which would effectively start a gang war and shift the gangs' attention from expanding into Highland Park.

Once Jensen dug up enough information on him, Jenny asks him to arrest O'Malley personally, at which point he can either be knocked out as Alexander asks, killed outright, or Adam can listen to his proposition and accept a bribe for letting him go free, which will be a sum of 3,000 Credit symbol which will be left in Jensen's Apartment along with a bottle of wine and a new E-Book, which is actually a note from O'Malley.


  • Killing O'Malley at any point prior to the arrest phase will fail the mission.
  • After talking with O'Malley, it is possible to talk to render him unconscious and get the 1,000 credits he has with him without endangering the mission. But they are several restrictions: it must not be done too soon (just after meeting him, even if leaving and coming back stealthily shortly thereafter) or too late (it seems getting the crossbow is a showstopper). A much more reliable way is to get the social enhancer implant, use pheromones and treat O'Malley as an alpha. Treating him as a beta can also work but will end with you getting only 500 credits, as opposed to the full 1,000.
  • Killing Double-T with the crossbow and hiding the crossbow in the stash (as requested) won't fulfill the mission; as soon as double-T is dead the mission and its objectives are over.
  • O'Malley's Note Transcription (From when you accept the bribe):

A Little Something to Thank You Edit

Greetings Mr. Jensen,

I have taken the liberty of offering you a little gift.
Nothing like a good bottle to express gratitude, wouldn't you say?
After all, money is so impersonal.

Your dearest friend,
Jack O'Malley

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