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Jacob White is a mechanically augmented character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is a member of the New Sons of Freedom (NSF),[1] involved in the Smash the State side quest.


White is a former member of the Motor City Bangers (MCB), who had been arrested for assault and drug possession on multiple occasions by Adam Jensen. While serving a sentence in Standish Maximum Correctional Facility, White discovers the Illuminati involvement in the Detroit gang wars. Being a fan of Che Guevara, who he often quoted, and wanting to help start a violent revolution against the Illuminati, he left the MCB and joined with the NSF upon his release from prison.

White manages to steal a gas bomb from a secret government weapons stash hidden in Highland Park. Seeing the Detroit Police Department (DPD) as a tool for Illuminati, and harboring a personal grudge against them for his prior arrests, White sets the bomb up under the local police precinct, knowing that the police will be too busy handling the anti-augmentation riots to stop him. He then began to declare his intentions to start a revolution.

DPD officer Nicholas had learned that White's bomb threat was real from a member of White's former gang. With the DPD being too busy to investigate the threat, feeling that Nicholas's informant was unreliable, Nicholas requests assistance from Adam Jensen. Jensen manages to locate White and his bomb, before neutralizing both.


  • Both Jensen and Nicholas mention that White is not very intelligent. This is supported by:
    • The deactivation code he set on his bomb: 0000.
    • His bomb was not explosive, only combining two gases into a lethal form, before venting it into the surrounding environment. This would not have affected the station, as most of the gas would have been trapped in the sewers.
    • Even if the gas leaked into the station, the precinct was mostly empty due to being under investigation by the FBI, thanks to Jensen's earlier infiltration.
  • He tends to quote the revolutionary Che Guevara out loud, even when there is no one around.
  • Besides the explosive mines and turrets he has set up around his bomb, he is armed with an M404 Heavy Rifle.



  1. As indicated by the domain name "smashthestate.det.usa" of his email address, shown in the pocket secretary he carries. "smashthestate" is a phrase associated with the New Sons successor organization, the National Secessionist Forces.