Jake Dredger is an investigator for the United States Homeland Security Augmentations and Counter-Terrorism unit and a character in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution comics. He appears in issues 2 and 4.


Formerly a member of the Detroit Police Department, Dredger's superiors saw potential in him and promoted him to a high-ranking position in Homeland Security sometime before 2025. Following the Mexicantown Riots, Dredger was assigned to finding the body of Quincy Durant, a rogue SWAT team officer who had almost been killed in a shootout with Adam Jensen. Durant, who had been shot in the head, was quickly recovered and extensively augmented in secret by Illuminati surgeons.

Dredger reappears in late 2027, investigating a violent massacre at a Humanity Front rally. He claims to be involved due to suspicions that David Sarif organized the attacks, but in reality is keeping tabs on Jensen, former friend of Quincy Durant.

Following a string of murders at the Detroit LIMB clinic, Jensen and Katrina Sutherland track him down and interrogate him. He resists at first, but after being dangled over a building, he begins to speak about a "Power behind the Power". Before he can say more, he is violently killed by a Dragon-Fire implant (a type of killswitch).

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