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Jane Skyler is a United States senator. She appears in the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, set in in 2026 and 2027.


Skyler is a senator from southern California. Her pro-science stance on tech smuggling has led to a crackdown on "harvester" crimes, in which augmented persons are stripped of their augmentations that are then sold on the black market. The crackdown on harvester crimes have cut off one of the key revenue streams of Triads engaging in harvesting operations.

In 2026, Skyler is working to determine what kind of stance the United States should take on human augmentation, and to find out whether this emerging technology can benefit the nation's economy. To this end, she plans to meet with Caidin Global CEO Garrett Dansky, who is concerned with potential regulations on augmentation technology production being discussed at the United Nations.

However, the meeting, taking place in Washington D.C., is interrupted by unknown assailants, who kill Dansky but leave Skyler alive. As a result of information manipulation by the Illuminati, the attack is blamed on the Red Arrow triads. According to one government agent, the purpose of the hit was to tell Skyler to back off from chasing down the harvesters in southern California.

Anna Kelso, a Secret Service agent who witnessed and survived the attack, knows that the Red Arrows could not have been the assailants. Kelso eventually discovers that the assailants were members of the Tyrants, and realizes the Illuminati had ordered the attack to terminate Dansky and to intimidate Skyler. The objective of intimidation appears to be successful, as Skyler afterwards changed her position, presumably to one that favors control of augmentations.