Janice Reed is Joseph Manderley's secretary in the UNATCO HQ.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

During JC Denton's first visit to UNATCO, she will provide JC with his username and password to his office computer. She is a relatively minor character, and does not leave her office during the course of the game. When JC escapes from the Majestic 12 prison, she will react with surprise upon seeing him. If JC attempts to talk to her, she will chide him for betraying UNATCO. At this point JC can leave her alone, knock her out or kill her. If left alive, her position at UNATCO is unknown (possibly discharged after Manderley's death or for her loyality to the Coalition).


  • It has been speculated that there may be a connection between Janice Reed and Megan Reed due to them sharing a surname. However it has not been confirmed if this speculation is true.

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