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Dr. Jennifer "Jenn" Philips is a doctor who manages the infirmary at Task Force 29's Prague headquarters. Philips has a computer inside the infirmary and is also mentioned in various emails between members of the Task Force.


As the lead medical doctor in TF29's Prague office, Philips is in charge of its medical supplies, including Neuropozyne.[1] Unaware that Adam Jensen has a unique trait that obviates the need for Neuropozyne, Philips is upset that Jensen has been late picking up his prescription multiple times in a row. For this reason, she blames Jensen for his apparent pride, overinflated sense of machismo, or well-intentioned but misplaced belief that others might need the Neuropozyne more.[2]

Since Jensen does not exhibit any adverse signs associated with Neuropozyene deprivation, Philips speculates that Jensen has been using an external supplier. Thus, she requests Delara Auzenne to speak to Jensen about this matter.[1] Earlier, Philips welcomed Delara to the Task Force, seeing her as a fellow healthcare professional who can help take care of the members of the task force.[3]

Philips' infirmary has experienced problems with theft. As a result, some specific medications were relocated out of the infirmary safe.[4] However, Neuropozyne is still being kept in the safe, including a batch that was ordered for Aria Argento.[5]

Cut content[]

Cut emails written for Philips' computer indicate that the infirmary theft plot was originally planned to be more extensive. One particular cut email indicates that Philips is terminated from employment for her apparent negligence after the Task Force was unable to find the culprit behind the theft.[6] In a cut pocket secretary message, Philips expresses frustration at the theft, writing "Whoever you are, I knew you'd be back...I only wish I could be there to watch them throw your ass behind bars."[7]

Philips' termination as described in the cut content may have been a conditional event triggered by the player's actions. In the released game, the player can stealing Neuropozyne from the infirmary safe (which can be opened by the code 4822). However, stealing the Neuropozyne has no consequences on the story, and does not result in the aforementioned email pertaining to Philips' termination.

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