Jenny Alexander's computer is an in-game computer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is used by Detective Jenny Alexander and can be found in her office on the third floor of the Detroit Police Station. This computer can be accessed during the first visit to Detroit.

Login/Password[edit | edit source]

This computer has a security rating of 1.

Login: jalexander
Password: basileus

E-mails[edit | edit source]

The Ballerz[edit | edit source]

From: munchies@gaggle.det.usa
To: Detective Jenny Alexander, DMPD

Sup officer,

I have some info you might want on your little DRB friends.

I saw them stash some of the gats in a storage unit in the Row. There's a top cat, DRB lieutenant. One bad motherfucker with a shotgun. He got the code to that storage on one of them Pocket Bitches.

One other thing. If you guys plan to raid the crib, you should be careful in the maintenance corridor between D-Row and the spot near Chiron building. They put some soliderssicsic there.

Now, that's two tips. TWO. So I want twice my usual C.I. rate. If you fuck me over on this you can forget my help in the future.


You whorin' now :P ?[edit | edit source]

To: Detective Jenny Alexander, DMPD

Hey Jenny,

I was walking around Grand River Road last friday and I'm pretty sure I saw you on the corner there... dressed as a "lady of the night"...

What's up with that? You dropped the badge? Hope you kept the cuffs though :P

Anyway, hit me back, we'll have lunch sometime.


PS: I assume you were working undercover... if not, please disregard the invitation :P

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