Jessika Chvatal's computer can be found in a gas filled underground lab in the Dávný District sewers near The Music Box. It is unlocked.

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Sample is ready Edit

From: Eugen.Weisse@genmail.mail
To: jessikat101@tmail.mail; gustoV8@genmail.mail


The material needed for the next stage just arrived but you will need to pick it up yourself. I'm going to take advantage of my "vacation" to attend a talk in Bremen; it could serve as a useful platform to bring further attention to the University's despicable behavior but you don't need me for the prepping stages anyway.

The material is in a storage locker in the courtyard of the Zelen apartment complex. It's locked, of course, but a combination of Bromine and Bromide should do the trick.

I will check your progress upon my return. Good luck.
The Professor!

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