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The Jinn are a smuggling cartel based in Middle East and operating in Europe, Asia and Africa in the 2020s. They deal in drugs, weapons, medical implants, augmentations, and occasionally human trafficking.[1]

Interpol estimates that the Jinn have 8000-12000 members, with ~3000-5000 members in the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan), ~4000-6000 members in Arabian Peninsula (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc.), and ~1000 members in Africa.[2] The Jinn's exact base of operations in unknown, but Interpol believes it is most likely in Muscat, Oman.[1]

Leaders[edit | edit source]

The Jinn are led by the twin brothers Salar and Wasim Alam. Salar is known as the Bull and the Heart of the Jinn, Wasim - as the Head of the Jinn.[2]

Events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided[edit | edit source]

In 2029, the Jinn arranged an arms deal with Sheppard, a Belltower operative turned arms dealer. The deal was to be carried out by undercover TF29 agent Arun Singh in the abandoned Desert Jewel Resort Hotel in Dubai.[2]

After learning of the deal from Singh, TF29 sent its Central European Division to retrieve the weapons and capture Sheppard; Adam Jensen was meant to block the majority of the Jinn from entering the atrium and disable the Jinn's signal booster in order to maintain Singh's cover.

Jensen succeeded in the first (and possibly second) task and the TF29 agents arrived in position overlooking the deal, but Sheppard, TF29, and the Jinn were all caught off-guard by the arrival of a team of heavily augmented soldiers in gold masks.[3]

If Singh survives and the signal booster is disabled, he successfully reintegrates with the Jinn.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Jinn" comes from the Arabic word, al-jinn. This is the origin of the word "genie", and they make up one of the three sentient creatures created by Allah, alongside humans and angels.
  • They are occasionally referred to as terrorists despite primarily acting as a criminal organization; this could be because of their goal of pushing Russia out of Afghanistan.[5]

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