Jinn's computer is used by the members of the Jinn in the Desert Jewel Resort Hotel in Dubai. The computer is located next to the comm booster. The computer is unlocked.


RE: Booster InstalledEdit

From: Arun Singh
To: Changiz Siddiqui

Great. Now get on patrol. Keep everything clear up there.

From: Changiz Siddiqui
To: Arun Singh
Subject: Booster Installed

Singh, the comm booster is installed. Range output at 120GHz. Verified with our men on the roof and in the atrium.

Going to Rabi'ahEdit

From: Salar Alam
To: Hamid Abdullah

Hamid, once you've finished in Dubai, I need you to go to Rabi'ah with Wasim. The shantytown outside the walls is swollen with prospects. Offer the strongest men you find whatever they want – Neuropozyne, food, anything to win their favor. Tell them there is much more in exchange for their loyalty to the Jinn. If they refuse, Wasim will take what he needs from them.

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