The Jiu Schichang district (Chinese: 旧市场区, English: Old Market District) is one of the districts in Hengsha. A LHT metro station can be found which links to the Youzhao District. The Jiu Schichang district connects to the Daigong District by stairs next to the drainage canal.

While a small district the area has a couple of notable areas to explore. The shop next to the metro station contains a pocket secretary on the counter which contains the keycode to the locked storage unit behind the shop. Within the storage unit is an unlocked computer and a locked safe. The keycode to the safe is on a pocket secretary that can be found on the floor by moving the large plastic crates in the shed. The safe contains a revolver and ammo. Combat rifle ammo can also be found on top of a trash can outside of the unit. Another locked storage unit is located across from the LIMB clinic and contains a shotgun and ammo.

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  • The spelling given on the signs in Hengsha is somewhat irregular.  The PRC's normal romanization for 市场 is shichang, and shih-chang is also possible.
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