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JoJo Fine is a National Secessionist Forces (NSF) officer, as well as a thug and a drug dealer. He appears as a minor antagonist in Deus Ex.


JoJo wears fake augmentations and has intentionally scarred himself to look more intimidating.[1] He has obtained the rank of colonel in the NSF, a feat that has surprised others given his uncouth appearance.[2] As an NSF officer, JoJo is involved with the distribution of Ambrosia on the streets.

As a thug, JoJo exerts control over local pimps such as Johnny.[3][4] Sandra Renton calls him the "boss" of Hell's Kitchen. JoJo is also known among members of the Rooks gang. After JC's raid of the Warehouse District, JoJo relocates to the 'Ton Hotel, which he considers to be his new base.


Even though it sounds like this guy was named after someone's childhood teddy bear, Jojo is a whole lotta mean dressed in gang colors. The only time you'll see him talk things out with a woman is when he doesn't want to mess up the merchandise before she goes out on the street. Violence is his sole method of debate.

Now, that may not be his fault. He may have had a troubled childhood that taught him to distrust anyone in authority. It may be his pent-up rage at himself and the injustices of the world that causes him to lash out for control and attention. That's all very well and good for people who care about that kind of thing... but wherever they are, it sure isn't Hell's Kitchen. As for as the rest of us are concerned, he's a thug and a pimp and a felon. Moreover he's armed and dangerous. It's time to start a countdown.

Deus Ex official strategy guide, "JoJo Fine: Street Punk / Pimp"


JoJo is mentioned during JC Denton's first visit to Hell's Kitchen (during the 2nd mission), but is not encountered until the second visit (during the 4th mission). During the second visit to Hell's Kitchen, JoJo may be encountered in the lobby of the 'Ton Hotel prior to the UNATCO raid.

If JC overhears the conversation between the Rentons at the hotel lobby and then gets closer or goes upstairs, JoJo will spawn, head downstairs and start a confrontation with Gilbert Renton. The confrontation can be resolved in different ways. If JC gives Gilbert a weapon and Gilbert defends himself with it by inflicting any amount of damage on JoJo, then Sandra Renton will stay with her father. Otherwise, Sandra will leave town, even if JoJo is killed. Alternatively, if Gilbert is already dead at the start of the mission, JoJo's will inform JC that there's already been a change in management in the hotel.

The confrontation can be avoided by not getting closer and exiting the hotel, then going back after sending the signal. The game will resolve this situation as if JoJo was injured by Sandra's father and then killed. It can also lead to the unarmed Rentons getting killed if JoJo spawns and walks towards Gilbert but the player fails to notice and interrupt the conversation before he goes hostile.


  • "Oh, you bad!"
  • "Wha'chu jus' lyin' around for, girl?"
  • "I already explained it, old man. Your girl? She needs me. She don't got an education, and all you got to give her is a job killin' rats."
  • "First thing, look around. We've got a change of management at the 'Ton. Mr. Renton and his daughter got early retirement."


  • JoJo has an unusual characteristic in which his head health (150 HP) is higher than the health value (100 HP) of other body parts. This characteristic, which improves durability against headshots, is typically used only for boss characters such as Anna Navarre.
  • JoJo's unique character class is reused for Louis, who has the same NPC stats as JoJo fine.
  • There's a map loading glitch that can cause two JoJo's to appear. This can be done by killing the Rentons first, then waiting for JoJo to go downstairs. Ignore him and exit from the hotel in any way, causing another map to load. Enter the other loading zone back to the hotel (if you leave via the door, enter through the roof) and two of them will be at the reception.


  • In the released game, JoJo is an NSF officer as well as a drug dealer and street thug. However, his character concept dates back to the Shooter: Majestic Revelations concept, which predates the introduction of the NSF faction to the game's story. In the Majestic Revelations concept, JoJo is described as a smalltime drug dealer in the sleazy New York dock district, one who is a wimp that cracks under pressure and uses fake body mods designed to scare people who don't know any better.[5] After the introduction of the NSF to the storyline, JoJo's role was expanded to also be a member of the NSF.
  • According to Deus Ex design document 13.12, JoJo was planned to appear in the generator room of the NSF warehouse. The design document mentions that JoJo is "the most formidable foe on the level."



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