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Jock's apartment is a location on Hong Kong's Tonnochi Road in use by Jock in 2052. It is one of the locations that can be visited by JC Denton in Deus Ex. The apartment is directly across from the Queen's Tower Luxury Suites, a building containing Maggie Chow's apartment.


Jock's apartment can be accessed via the elevator across the street from Queen's Tower. This elevator leads to a stairwell that provides access to the apartment. The apartment's door requires a nanokey found in the central room with two desks in Tracer Tong's Laboratory. Alternatively, the apartment can be accessed by jumping from Maggie Chow's apartment or the roof of Queen's Tower.

Jock is never seen in his apartment, but his computer is found there. The computer includes an email in which he is tasked with watching Maggie Chow, and assassinating her if Tracer Tong gives the order. Binoculars and a sniper rifle can be found on the roofs nearby, suggesting that Jock has already made preparations if the hit is ordered.


  • The area near Jock's apartment differs between the map in the Game of the Year Edition and the map in game versions 1002f and 1003_F/I8. In the non-GOTY map, the elevator shaft in the apartment complex contains a dead-end crawl space with a human skull placed inside and a button, which opens a hatch below to the street. This hatch would avoid a certain dead-end situation which can occur if, when the elevator is upstairs, JC gets in the shaft, pushes the button to go down, quickly runs backwards to get out of the elevator before it starts descending, and then quickly runs forwards again on top of the now descending elevator. The only way out of this situation is to use the aforementioned hatch.

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