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Jock's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in his apartment on Tonnochi Road in Hong Kong. The login flyboy is and the password is 5x5



From: Paul Denton//NYCNET.33.34.4346
To: FLYBOY//HKNET.8434.03749
Subject: Fallback

Time is short. If you've followed orders, you should be on your way back to Hong KongTong will know what to do so help him. We can't let these bastards get away with what they've done, and what they still might do.

My brother might be able to help. I don't know. I've sent him to obtain the evidence I compiled of UNATCO's recent activities, but -- I've had to treat him and everyone else I know like pawns. I've sent them to be killed and all so that we could win a larger game. But I think my time to be sacrificed is about to come.

If Tong gives you the word, take down Maggie.

And if I see you again, you're buying the beers this time.



From: TT//UnderNet.0924.243.886
To: FLYBOY//HKNET.8434.03749
Subject: Surveillence

Please continue your observations of Ms. Chow -- I suspect that it is she who may layat the heart of our current troubles and not the Red Arrow.  My sources within the police department have been quite willing to share with me certain items of information that lead me to believe she was not only responsible for the death of their Drgon Head, but may also know the location of the Dragon's Tooth.

Your friend Paul, was a great aid to the Luminous Path, and as we are in him debt, so are we in yours.

Paul Needs You[]

From: Daedalus
To: FLYBOY//HKNET.8434.03749
Subject: Paul Needs You

If you have loyalty to your friends, you must return to New York now. I cannot ascertain the status of the person you identify as Paul Denton. He may or may not be alive. But it is possible that I can assist in the salvage of him and his brother if you return to New York now. I have secured proper authorizations for you to fly an SH-187 stealth helicopter from the Wan Chai MJ12 helibase located in the VersaLife building. There is little time.