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Joe Wexler was a member of the Tyrants.


Like his fellow Tyrant Scott Hardesty, Wexler was a former CIA spook before joining the Tyrants. In 2026,[1] Wexler was deployed along with Gunther Hermann to assassinate Caidin Global CEO Garret Dansky and intimidate senator Jane Skyler. However, he was killed by Secret Service agent Anna Kelso via a headshot.

His augmentations included at least two mechanical arms.

The Tyrant commander Jaron Namir replaced him with Ben Saxon. Namir later confided to Saxon that he had Wexler's wife killed in order to get Wexler to commit himself to the Tyrants.


  1. In Icarus Effect, it is noted that the event in which Wexler was killed took place "six months ago" from a point in time prior to the Tyrants' attack on Sarif Industries Headquarters.