John Smith is an employee at the VersaLife Data Entry Facility in Hong Kong, and a character in Deus Ex.


John Smith works in a cubicle on the 3rd floor of the Data Entry Facility. He is paid to falsify records of VersaLife's activities, but is getting increasingly suspicious of his superiors. According to him, every person to hold his job prior to him has caught the Gray Death virus and been shipped to a camp shortly afterwards.

Fearing for his life, he will give JC Denton a free pass into the Pacific Rim Research facility, so long as JC manages to silently eliminate his boss, Mr. Hundley. Whether JC does so or not depends on whether or not he wishes to spend the 2000 credits to get in, and whether or not he wishes to take out Hundley.


If JC doesn't kill or knock out Hundley when infiltrating VersaLife, his body can be found later floating in the Hong Kong Canals.


Internally, he is referred to as "Barney".

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