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Juan Ivanovich Lebedev is the CEO of Lebedev Global and the founder of the New Sons of Freedom (NSF). Later, in 2052, he is a major financial backer and a high-ranking member of the National Secessionist Forces (also abbreviated as "NSF"), and the mastermind behind its operation of capturing the Ambrosia vaccine.


As of the late 2020s, Lebedev is the CEO of Lebedev Global, a company worth billions of dollars that carried all manner of cargo across the planet via air, sea, and land.[1]

Unbeknownst to many, Lebedev founded[1][2] the New Sons of Freedom, a militia group looking to secede from the corruptions of the United States government. Lebedev is also part of the Juggernaut Collective, a cyberterrorism cell opposed to the Illuminati. Lebedev uses the resources of Lebedev Global to support the operations of the New Sons of Freedom and the Juggernaut Collective.


In 2027, the New Sons of Freedom are working with the Juggernaut Collective in accessing data on the Killing Floor. At a hideout used by New Sons and Juggernaut members, Lebedev introduces Anna Kelso to Janus. Ben Saxon arrives shortly later with the key to the Killing Floor. Together, the group discovers that the Illuminati intend to assassinate Bill Taggart in Switzerland. Kelso, Saxon, and others then head to Switzerland on a plane belonging to Lebedev's company.[1]

When Alex Vega joins the Juggernaut Collective, Lebedev uses his company, Lebedev Global, to provide a job for Vega to serve as a cover.[3]

In early 2029, Lebedev takes part in a Juggernaut Collective virtual meeting to discuss Adam Jensen's resurfacing in Detroit. Lebedev expresses doubts on Jensen's ability to get things done, referencing the events that took place at Panchaea. Nonetheless, Janus insists that it would be foolish not to deploy Jensen to serve the Collective's ends. During this meeting, Lebedev uses an avatar with the appearance of a winged skull, the logo of the New Sons of Freedom.[4]


One of the highest of the high in the NSF organization, Lebedev is the moneybags behind the whole operation. You've got to hand it to the guy: in a world that's going down the toilet, he's doing okay. He's got his own multi-level jet, his own hangar at the airport, loyal troops and enough cash to go anywhere he wants. A man like that would have a much longer, happier life expectancy if he's just fly off to a tropical island somewhere and not get involved in politics and terrorism. Lebedev has two primary talents. He's a researcher and a talker. You can learn an awful lot from a guy like this, but keep in mind that he's not going to tell you what he doesn't want you to hear. Of course, that goes double for everyone else you know. It's a tough world for an enthusiastic young agent like yourself, and Lebedev can make it tougher.

Deus Ex official strategy guide, "Juan Lebedev: NSF Funder"

By 2052, UNATCO considers Lebedev a very dangerous man and instructed its agents to kill him. Lebedev is now a backer and leader of the National Secessionist Forces. When Paul Denton was ordered by UNATCO to kill Tracer Tong, Lebedev managed to prove to Paul that UNATCO was really a corrupt arm of the conspiracy group Majestic 12. Also, evidenced by the datacubes found in NSF strongholds, Lebedev was responsible for the operation to distribute Ambrosia to the masses, as well as the NSF resistance in Hell's Kitchen.

A few years before 2052, Lebedev purchased a terminal at LaGuardia Airport from cash-strapped New York City.[5] When the NSF managed to get their hands on Ambrosia, Lebedev attempted to ship some of the Ambrosia to NSF ally Tracer Tong. UNATCO discovered the NSF's plans to ship out Ambrosia via an airfield, and sent JC Denton to locate the airfield where NSF is operating. JC eventually finds his way to Lebedev's terminal at LaGuardia airport.

When JC Denton arrives in Lebedev's 747, still inside the airport's hangar, Lebedev tells JC about UNATCO's corruption and JC and Paul being products of genetic engineering rather than natural birth. During this interrogation, Anna Navarre arrives and orders JC to kill Lebedev or let her do the job. Here, JC can choose to kill either Lebedev or Anna.


  • During the third mission in Deus Ex, Lebedev is the subject of the primary goal "Assassinate Juan Ivanovich Lebedev" and is encountered in his aircraft. If JC Denton spares Lebedev and kills Anna Navarre, Lebedev will give JC the name of the conspiracy group controlling UNATCO: Majestic 12.
  • If JC player refuses to kill Lebedev, Manderley will later scold JC for his insubordination. Sparing Lebedev's life does not save him, however, as he will be ultimately captured by Majestic 12 and executed. His murder will be blamed on JC Denton, as later discovered through media sources.[6]


  • It is possible to leave both Anna Navarre and Lebedev alive in the confrontation at LaGuardia. However, this takes some amount of skill as Anna will kill Lebedev herself if JC walks away.
  • According to Icarus Effect, Lebedev's appearance and accent suggest a mixed Hispanic extraction.


  • Lebedev's name has a mixture of Spanish and Russian words.
    • Juan is a Spanish name. The Russian equivalent for this name would be Ivan.
    • Ivanovich (Иванович) is a patronymic name, meaning that his father's first name is Ivan.
    • Lebedev (Лебедев) is a common Russian family name derived from the word lebed — swan.
  • In a design document for Shooter: Majestic Revelations, an early conception of Deus Ex, Juan Ivanovich Lebedev is a drug lord with strong ties to the Russo-Mexican Alliance, a military alliance between Russia and Mexico. This may explain why his full name, which was unchanged through the release of Deus Ex, includes both Spanish and Russian words. In the final game and subsequent canonical media, Lebedev is not explicitly associated with either Russia or Mexico, and has only been described in Deus Ex: Icarus Effect as having a mixed heritage.


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