Juggernaut Collective (Interpol Case File #679310) is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in Adam Jensen's apartment, on a table in the living room.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


The Juggernaut Collective originated in the early 2020s when a hacker named "Eli" posted a badly written, call-to-arms-type message on the Darknet. Filled with misspellings and grammatical errors, it invited those "dis-elushuned with the stranglhold 1 purcentors have on R world" to join him in attacking, exposing, and "spoiling their plots."

The group first made headlines in 2025 by hijacking atmospheric processors used by a popular weather artist in Paris and sending hurricane force winds to decimate a Page Industries-sponsored event. Around the same time, "Eli" was replaced on-line by a new nom-de-plume: "Janus". Efforts to ascertain the real-world identify of either hacker have thus far proven unsuccessful.

Under Janus' leadership, the Collective have become increasingly effective at bankrupting Fortune 500 companies, exposing governmental misdeeds, and, in general, making life difficult for the extremely wealthy. Particularly worrisome to counterterrorism agencies around the world is growing evidence that the Collective have been recruiting a number of experienced agents, often with black ops expertise, to assist them.

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