This computer is found in Julien Bartek's apartment (in the courtyard near Palisade Property Bank) and has a security rating of 3.

E-mails Edit

FW: Case Review: Termination Edit

From: Veronika.Hammel@LJSbluechip
To: julien.w.bartek@genmail.mail

FAO: Julian Bartek

Having extensively reviewed your case of alleged wrongful termination against the Palisade Bank, I am prepared to make an evaluation of your legal position in the event of your filing suit against them.

As indicated during our first meeting, the evidence you have submitted to me is not sufficient to demonstrate that the security issues were the result of negligence on the part of Daniel Janecek. Rather, the current understanding of the situation presented with the available documentation and written testimony demonstrates the contrary. He has effectively not only covered his own culpability but also created a trail of evidence very damning to yourself. Of further damaging concern is the recorded evidence of your hostile reaction to Mr. Janecek and your clearly audible threats against both Masaaki Oshiro and Ashani Talwar. All of this would provide substantial ammunition if this went to trial.

The implication remains that, if you were to pursue them, they would countersue for loss of revenue due to your alleged incompetence. The evidence they have against you, while certainly contestable, would sustain a very costly defencesicIcon sic in civil court which, observing your current financial standing, and would prove absolutely ruinous should the court not rule in your favor. Without a clearly damning piece of evidence that implicates Mr Janecek’ssicIcon sic role in this, it is my belief that, should you intent to pursue Palisade Bank, you would almost certainly lose, and with prejudice.

Veronika Hammel
Leif, Jonsson & Stoch

Forget it Edit

From: Mike Wexly
To: julien.w.bartek@genmail.mail


I was going to ignore that last email but I still can’t believe it.  I can’t be involved in this. Maybe you need to see a psychiatrist. I’m not kidding, you’re starting to scare me. What Palisade did to you was crap, Julien, but the man I knew, before you started working there, would never ask me to do this and definitely not by using my personal email to do it! I work for Tarvos to protect the Palisade. From people like you, in case that irony flew too high above your head. We’re friends, sure, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly smuggle you into the bank for god’s sake.

Let this go, Julien, please. Your plan is ridiculous anyway. The parking garage is as well guarded as anywhere else in the bank. There’s so many of us patrolling down here that we even have our own security room now. Don’t mess your life up more than it already is. Suck it up, speak to Nes, and move on to something new. You’re a talented guy. You’ll find something in Prague, i'msicIcon sic sure.


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