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Jus in Bello[1] is a multi-part eBook is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It describes the events that led to the bankruptcy of the private military company Belltower Associates, and is subsequent rebranding as Tarvos Security Services.

Part 3 can be found in the Palisade Property Bank in Prague, on a coffee table between two chairs, behind the receptionist's desk. Part 4 can be found in the GARM Hangar 2, on a table in the boxguards' Maintenance tent.

Part 3: The Fall of Belltower[]

Belltower suffered catastrophic losses due to the Aug Incident. A large percentage of its employees, both soldiers and security personnel, were enhanced with military-grade augmentations.

The loss of personnel, status, income, and the ensuing lawsuits all may have spelled the end of a company that had risen to great heights. But the final nail in the coffin came after the Aug Incident in early 2028.

The Rifleman Bank Station scandal was a public relations nightmare. Illegal seizure and wrongful detention of innocent civilians did not sit well in the court of public opinion, and rumors of the atrocities carried out at the South China Sea base, though never substantiated, couldn't be completely suppressed.

Many of Belltower's high-profile clients terminated their contracts with the private military company. With their ongoing manpower problem, the scandal making their financial troubles worse, and their reputation now in tatters, Belltower was in free fall. The writing was on the wall.

The giant had fallen.

Part 4: The Rise of Tarvos[]

Tarvos Security Services emerged from the ashes of the Belltower Associates firestorm in mid-2028. Loudly touting a company-wide restructuring plan, in short order Tarvos had reorganized its business units, added a corporate ethics and governance program, and established an independent committee of outside experts to supervise compliance structures. They also let go many of their augmented personnel.

Despite these measures, market share continued to drop until Andrew St. John-Ffolkes stepped down as CEO in favour of his brother, Luther. He remained as chairman of the board of directors, but this mostly symbolic move was enough to convince the client-base and assuage public outrage over past Belltower transgressions.

Since then, Tarvos had landed a number of high-profile contracts, including the provision of security for the Palisade Property Bank, as well as re-signing many former Belltower clients.

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  1. Latin for "law of war", the international humanitarian law that regulates the acceptable wartime conduct.