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Jarek Drobný, more commonly known as K, is the editor of Samizdat, an underground anti-establishment newspaper. K is the closest thing that Samizdat has to a leader, as he decides what does and does not get published.


Jarek left high school before completing it. At some point before joining Samizdat, he was a member of the music group Oral Cemetery.[1]

Due to the line of work Samizdat does, he has been living underground for years. He has also been assaulted in the past as a result of uncovering and publishing "the truth". On one occasion, this resulted in him receiving a broken nose.

He also feels that any kept secret, even for discretion, is trying to hide something sinister and should be told to the world. Naturally, this puts him at odds with Adam Jensen's request to not say anything about Praha Dovoz, Task Force 29's front company, as revealing its location would put everyone there in danger. He is not unwavering though, as he is willing to drop it in exchange for another story or can be persuaded not to say anything.

CASIE summaryEdit

Personality traits:

  • Manic
  • Paranoid
  • Idealistic

Psychological profile:

  • Subject's dedication to truth verges on obsession. His capacity for reasoning is sharp, though may veer toward the tangential or even wild. Fear and extreme mistrust of authority are likely to be well founded, though further aggravated by a life lived in hiding.


  • Although Drobný is the person currently using the name K, he states that there is not a single K, and if anything happens to him, someone else will take on the role and the name. During the side mission K is for Každý, Little k adopts the name since Jarek is being detained by the police.
  • If you complete the missions Samizdat and K is for Každý, Jarek and Bones escape to Paris where they rename themselves Silhouette.

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