K. Lloyd's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in the reception of UNATCO HQ. The login is klloyd and the password is squishy.


re: NOBODY CARES! (was: Nationalizing industry)Edit

From: Anon//UNATCO.44567.22356
To: Free Enterprise Mailing List
Subject: re: NOBODY CARES! (was: Nationalizing industry)

Michelle (mdarwin//orbit.8665.9112.4) wrote:

>I just read that government regulators have nationalized
>the third airline this year, and the story was buried on
>the SIXTH PAGE of the Times!
>No one seems to care that Uncle Sam is gradually taking control
>of every means of public transportation. The FAA claims that the
>airline's management botched the safety records... Lies! Lies!
>Have any of these records been made public? Do they even exist?
>Rule by executive order is now the norm. Goodbye, due process.

What you have to remember is that "we the people" are members of a republic, and you must learn to trust those that you choose to represent you. The government is not a heartless machine running our lives; it is comprised of people, just like you, who deserve our trust and respect.


From: JReed//UNATCO.56740.33309
To: KLloyd//UNATCO.2334.8873
Subject: Visitors

Mr. Manderley tells me we're expecting a new agent. His assigned I.D. is "J.C. Denton." Please enter him in the log when he arrives and alert me immediately.

Thank you.
Janice Reed

Paul Denton REVOKEDEdit

From: Central Security//UpNet.2334.3233
To: Security Personnel
Subject: Paul Denton REVOKED

Effective immediately, the status of Agent Paul Denton has been changed to REVOKED, and Denton has been added to the Prejudiced List. Paul Denton is armed, dangerous, and possesses intimate knowledge of UNATCO security protocols. Security personnel are authorized to use LETHAL FORCE in his apprehension. Any information regarding the whereabouts of Paul Denton should be reported to Central Security.

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