Kaplan near the UNATCO base.

Tech Sergeant Kaplan is a UNATCO field operative appearing in the Liberty Island locale during Deus Ex. He can be found in front of the UNATCO Headquarters during the first mission. Kaplan illegally sells equipment stolen from the armory to the player. This equipment is supplied to him by UNATCO employee Shannon, who steals the items for him.

Kaplan is later discovered and interrogated by FEMA Director Walton Simons and according to Sam Carter "squealed like a pig". He is later discharged. Kaplan is voiced by Alexander Brandon.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Kaplan can be found near the UNATCO compound during the first mission. He has a scope mod for 700 credits, a box of 10mm rounds for 200, and a box of Tranq Darts for the Mini-Crossbow for 60.

If you attack or kill Kaplan, other NPCs in the vicinity do not react.

Paul Denton will mention him in Hong Kong, saying that many UNATCO staff has been dismissed, along with Berry and Kaplan.

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