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"Work at UNATCO, you don't take any crap. You just DON'T."

Tech Sergeant Kaplan is a UNATCO trooper who is encountered in front of the UNATCO headquarters during the first mission of Deus Ex. He is also a vendor who sells various items to the player.


One of the more belligerent troopers, Kaplan dismissises the idea of a minimum force approach[1][2] in favor of victory through overwhelming brutality.[3] His casual attitude to killing NSF troops is summed up by his treating them as nothing more than sons-of-bitches[4] or thugs existing solely to be waxed.[5] Anyone unwilling to engage in this level violence is better suited for a desk job in his opinion[6] and certainly a target for relentless mockery.[7][8]

Kaplan has a lot of respect for violence and cold-blooded killing. Conversely, he has very little regard for due process and supports killing anyone challenging UNATCO's authority - such as NSF troops raiding Liberty Island - on the spot, without trial.[9] His preferred tactic in combat is to use his UNATCO training and pick enemies off from fifty to a hundred paces (about 40 to 75 meters) with a scope, particularly in situations where there are is little to no cover.[10]

Kaplan believes he's not paid well enough by UNATCO. As a result, he loots the bodies of enemies killed or rendered unconscious, then sells them to other UNATCO members,[11] particularly agents who receive operation bonuses, like JC Denton.[12] He considers the equipment spoils of war and his trade in them justifiable, as UNATCO troops risk their lives every day out in the field[13] and he's enabling other UNATCO members to put hardware to use in the field, instead of it sittingin the quartermastery, gathering dust.[14] Quartermaster Carter is well aware of Kaplan's side business, but he considers him merely a screwball. His greater concern is a thief who's been breaking into UNATCO's armory and stealing supplies.[15] Carter doesn't realize that Shannon the administrator is responsible for the thefts and is selling the equipment to Kaplan, who in turn sells it on.[16]

While Kaplan was tolerated by Carter, Walton Simons took a dimmer view of his activities after he took direct control of UNATCO. Kaplan quickly gave Shannon up when pressed by Simons,[17] and was summarily dismissed from the organization.[18]


DXMD merchant map icon (grayscale)
This character is a merchant. Scope Modification – 700 credits
10mm Ammo (5x) – 200 credits
Tranquilizer Darts – 60 credits
This character has other interactions. Kaplan can give the code to the comm van, if he likes JC.

Other interactions[]

  • Kaplan can be found near the UNATCO compound during the first mission. When he mentions pulling back and complains about the order,[19] JC can respond either aggressively (" I can't speak for command, but I'm gonna clean the place out.") or professionally (" We're taking a minimum-force approach. We're cops, after all."). The aggressive reply impresses Kaplan and he'll give the code to the communications van (0451) in addition to offering goods. Otherwise, he'll just sell goods (and mock JC later, reminding him to read the NSF their rights).
  • If you attack or kill Kaplan, other NPCs in the vicinity do not react. No flag is set by his death and killing Kaplan will not affect the story in any way. Even if Kaplan is killed, Sam Carter will still later comment that he was interrogated by Walton Simons, and Paul Denton will still mention in Hong Kong that he was dismissed along with Berry.


  1. JC Denton: " I don't have the 700 for the scope."
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Guess you'll have to go with that "minimum-force approach," huh?"
    if not KaplanLikesPlayer
  2. Tech Sergeant Kaplan: ""Minimum-force" won't work in the city. You better take some hardware."
  3. Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Glad you're coming around to our way of doing things. Need some hardware?"
    if M01PlayerAggressive
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    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Ask me, I think we should frag 'em all. You trespass on UNATCO property, you get pumped full of lead."
    JC Denton: " When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror."
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Thought you nano-augs were supposed to be badass killing machines. Guess I was wrong."
    JC Denton: " Guess so."
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Some advice. You get out there, you're gonna have to tangle with some real sons-of-bitches. Best thing is to pick 'em off from fifty or a hundred paces with a scope. I scored an extra one from a couple of thugs we dropped down by the dock; you can have it for 700 credits. I also picked up 10 mm ammo and some crossbow darts -- say 200 for one and 60 for the other."
  10. JC Denton: " I can't speak for command, but I'm gonna clean the place out."
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " I hear ya. Manderley's right: you nano-augs are born and bred killers."
    JC Denton: " I do my best."
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Better load up. There are some crates of ammo stashed in the antenna shaft behind the helipad. Might also want to check out the comm van next to it. The code's 0451."
    JC Denton: " Thanks. I won't let you down."
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " My tactic, when there's no cover like this, is to pick 'em off from fifty or a hundred paces with a scope. What do you think? I scored an extra one from a couple of thugs we dropped down by the dock; you can have it for 700 credits. I also picked up 10 mm ammo and some crossbow tranquilizer darts -- say 200 for one and 60 for the other."
  11. Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " They don't pay me so good. I'm gonna wait for someone who's got the money."
  12. Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Check back after you get your op bonus."
  13. JC Denton: " Shouldn't you turn that stuff over to the quartermaster?"
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Carter? He don't care. NSF goods are the spoils of war. Hey, we're risking our lives out here."
  14. JC Denton: " Shouldn't you turn that stuff over to the quartermaster?"
    Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " Sure, I will, but 'long as command has the rest of us on parade drills, someone might as well put this hardware to use."
  15. JC Denton: " Hey -- what about that guy out front selling munitions? Is that allowed?"
    Sam Carter: " Oh, Kaplan, right. We've got some screwballs around here, but he's not the problem. It's whoever's been breaking into the armory."
    JC Denton: " Someone at UNATCO's a thief?"
    Sam Carter: " Yes, sir, and a damn good one."
  16. Shannon: " Oh! JC!"
    JC Denton: " Carry on with your banking. I'm just taking one last look at the old place. Amazing, if you think about it, all the hours I spent dreaming about working here... all the heroic fantasies, when really this place is just a cinderblock bunker with carpet."
    Shannon: " My banking... Oh yes! Never mind me... Go ahead and escape. I won't pull the alarm!"
    JC Denton: " Something wrong? Really, as long as you stay out of the way, I don't have any reason to hurt you."
    Shannon: " Okay! I admit it! I'm the one who's been stealing from HQ! It was me all along. Kaplan, the false floor in Alex's office, everything that's missing... It was me!"
    JC Denton: " I'm the last person who's gonna bust you for stealing. What'd you take? Anything I could use?"
    Shannon: " I don't know... You sure you can keep it hush-hush? I found a few scrambler grenades I was gonna give Kaplan -- good against bots, you know -- but you could take 'em . I have three, 1250 each."
  17. JC Denton: " By the way, I found out who around here is the thief."
    Sam Carter: " There's more to that story than you know. Simons got involved; Kaplan squealed like a pig. That woman Shannon's got a surprise waiting for her in the morning. Very convenient for us. Take what you need."
  18. Paul Denton: "Heads are starting to roll at UNATCO. Kaplan. Berry. Not sure who else."
  19. Tech Sergeant Kaplan: " UNATCO command made us pull back, I guess for Gunther's sake. What's the deal? We're ready to go in."