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Karl Montag is a police detective working in Prague in 2029. While normally a desk jockey, he is assigned to the homicide case involving Angela Gunn, two months before he is set to retire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Montag has been with the Prague Police for 35 years and spent the last 12 behind a desk. It is unclear if he was forced behind a desk due to not liking bad orders (as he shows his disapproval of being leaned on to arrest Johnny Gunn simply for being an Aug) or because he was a poor field detective. Whatever the case, his fellow cops do not think highly of him, going as far as changing the security code to 10 to mock how few cases he solved in his 35 years there.[1] As a retirement send off and to further prove the other cops do not think he is competent, they assign him to the case involving Angela Gunn's murder.

Despite knowing this is a joke to the other cops, Montag tries his best to solve the case. While he is being pressured to arrest Johnny Gunn, he delays it as much as possible, partly because he wishes to conduct a full investigation (despite being told to forgo it) and partly because Gunn scares him. He is also not afraid to admit to Adam Jensen that he could use his help with the case and that he is a bit rusty at field work. He also does not give up on the case, as he tries to get Daria Myška to talk to him after similar killings happen, despite knowing her distrust in cops.

Mission appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Montag has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He will often make jokes or point out obvious things concerning the case in this manner.
  • Depending how SM10: The Harvester and SM11: The Last Harvest are handled, Jensen can convince him to listen to Daria's story if she was talked down. If Daria was fought, then Jensen will either have to persuade him to let it slide if she was knocked out, or possibly take him out if the player killed her. He will be packing only a revolver if this is the case.
  • After successfully finishing The Harvester, Montag will go into the nearby Svobody Beer and wait at the counter.
  • After seeing how friendly Daria is to Jensen, Montag will confide to Jensen that he met his first wife over a crime scene, and advise him to "never marry the ones you save."
  • Montag is one of the rare individuals in Deus Ex universe to whom Social Enhancer does not work.

References[edit | edit source]

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