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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Kazatel is an information dealer in Prague and can be found throughout the city during all three visits Adam Jensen makes to the city. He is marked as a merchant on the game's map.

Overview Edit

Rather than credits, Kazatel only trades information for Neuropozyne. Each piece of information costs 1 vial of Neuropozyne.

Kazatel has three pieces of information to trade on each visit to Prague, for a maximum of nine total. Every visit, two pieces of information will be Points of Interest, occasionally together with a code or password, while the third will only be a code or password.

Unlike other merchants, his location changes with each visit Jensen makes to Prague:

Information for trade Edit

Selection Pocket Secretary Point of Interest Keycode or Password
First visit to Prague
Info A DATAFILE#1 Shots Fired
Info B DATAFILE#2 Every Little Helps The keycode 9002 for the door at the Point of Interest location (and also for the locked doors in Tars' apartment).
Info C DATAFILE#3 The keycode 1998 for a Koníčky & Hračky Toys factory storage unit.
Second visit to Prague
Info A DATAFILE#4 Rich Man Poor Aug
Info B DATAFILE#5 Good Cop Bad Cop
Info C DATAFILE#6 The password PALSEC6579AT for Palisade Property Bank's garage security terminal, which is locked during the third visit to Prague.
Third visit to Prague
Info A DATAFILE#7 Sugar Free Picus
Info B DATAFILE#8 Give Me a Thug The password AUGBUSTER001 for Pilgrim Station's security terminal.
Info C DATAFILE#9 The keycode 0666 for Dvali Apartments #95.

Notes Edit

  • Kazatel means "preacher" in Czech. Consistent with this meaning, Kazatel's email address, as indicated in the pocket secretaries obtained from him, is "kazatel@preacherman.mail".
  • His bodyguards are unusually durable. Should he, or either of his two guards, enter hostile or search mode during the first visit to Prague, then one of the guards will carry a shotgun on the second visit to Prague. If further hostility is triggered, they'll be upgraded again on the third visit to Prague, equaling Tarvos guards in skill and durability, and both will be armed with shotguns. Occasionally, they'll use EMP shotgun shells.
  • He has the klipspringer leg aug. Like other civilians, his augs are not listed in Smart vision.
  • He will occasionally phase/jump over the courtyard wall on the second visit to Prague.

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