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This article is about a computer system. For the mission in Deus Ex: The Fall, see The Killing Floor.

The Killing Floor is a computer system through which the Illuminati communicate with the Tyrants, and give them their missions and targets. It is a plot element in the book Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, and is also mentioned in the game Deus Ex: The Fall.


"The Killing Floor had no true physical reality to it; it was a synthetic server construct, a clever agglomeration of computer programs moving through the data net in a chaotic, unpredictable pattern that no outsider, no hacker, could ever hope to calculate."
Deus Ex: Icarus Effect

The data and computer programs that make up the Killing Floor are not stored in a physical location, but are instead stored in encrypted virtual space on the net. The system can be accessed only through secure data links using private access keys.

One of the access terminals is on the Tyrant Jetliner, used by the Tyrants leader Jaron Namir. Bob Page also has a personal access point.

User interface[]

"On the screen, the Killing Floor unfolded; a virtual space existing in a realm of pure information. Shielded by layers of smart attack barrier programs, firewalls, and baffles, the non-place was a shifting island in a sea of data. Program nodes contained files at levels of encryption so powerful that the console read them as impregnable, spiked spheres—but there were other panels of text that were clearly visible, doubtless open for Namir or anyone with the same access level."
Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, describing the Killing Floor when accessed by Ben Saxon on the Tyrant Jetliner

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