There are two computers at Klímová Apartments in Prague that can be accessed in the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Below are the transcripts of e-mails on these computers.

Klímová Management computerEdit

It is located in the lobby and has a security rating of 1.

Package hold 1AEdit

From: Peter Banks
To: Klímová Apartments


I will be out of town for the next two weeks because of this damned bombing. Please hold all of my packages until I get back.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Banks
Apartment 1A

RE: Window CleaningEdit

From: Marta Romanowski
To: Klímová Apartments


No internal window cleaning for 3A or 3B is required. We will do it ourselves.

Thank you for your understanding.

Marta Romanowski, 3A, 3B

From: Klímová Apartments
To: Marta Romanowski
Subject: Window Cleaning

To all tenets,

We must inform you that next week, the maintenance crew will be present at our building for the annual internal and external cleaning of all apartments.

We ask you to clear the access to the window ledges for them to wash the windows. If your personal items prevent the maintenance crew from carrying out the window cleaning, you will be fined.

If you want to refuse internal cleaning services, please contact building management immediately.

Thank you,

Klímová Apartments

RE: Registered TenantsEdit

From: Patrik Barinka
To: Klímová Apartments


We will update our files at the head office.


Partik Barinka
Klímová Apartments

From: Klímová Apartments
To: Patrik Barinka
Subject: Registered Tenants

Hello Partik,

Here is the updated list of the registered tentantssicIcon sic here at 33 KlimovasicIcon sic, Prague.

• Apt. 0A - Petr Vadlejch
• Apt. 0B - Jonathan Rutherford
• Apt. 0C - Kateřina Hejnová
• Apt. 0D - Adela Neumannova
• Apt. 1A - Peter Banks
• Apt. 1B - Barbora Kasparkova
• Apt. 2A - Jiri Janus [New]
• Apt. 3A & 3B - Marta Romanowski


Klímová Apartments

Marta Romanowski's computerEdit

It is located in ShadowChild's apartment and has a security rating of 1.

RE: Working lateEdit

From: Bianca Cavaleri
To: Marta Romanowski


Working late also. That childrenssicIcon sic hospital charity I was telling you about was hacked by that "Kastle_Freaks" group. I do not understand why anyone would want to hack a legit charity organization, steal all of the private information, and take money from it. I am going to destroy that hacker group.

Why don't we just meet for breakfast tomorrow?


From: Marta Romanowski
To: Bianca Cavaleri
Subject: Working late

I am going to be at the studio tonight. I was inspired by a news report on the bombing and need to attack the chapter. The translation publisher is catching up faster than I thought.

RE: DoorEdit

From: Bianca Cavaleri
To: Marta Romanowski



From: Marta Romanowski
To: Bianca Cavaleri
Subject: Door

Did you change it again?


RE: TravelEdit

From: Bianca Cavaleri
To: Marta Romanowski

I like the options, but these are my 2 favorite by far.

San Francisco
I have many friends who live in the area. Great people that you have met (Jessica & Wayne) and several others that you have not (Neil, Stacy, and the Friedmans). Last time I was there was when I was 21! Wine country is close and the food is unbelievable! You would love it.

Buenos Aires
I have never been. I have an uncle there who I have not seen since I was a child but I chat with him all the time. He is a doctor. You'd like him.

Most importantly, both places have great wine. So I am good either way.


From: Marta Romanowski
To: Bianca Cavaleri
Subject: Travel

My favorites from the list we talked about:
• Vietnam
• San Francisco
• Buenos Aires
• Hawaii
• Johannesburg
• Tokyo

Choose 2 and tell me why.
(I like all of these places and have never been.)


Sample chapter 26AEdit

From: LeBoef Publishing
To: Marta Romanowski

Bonjour Marta,

Here are some English samples of the translated version of "Start At The Next Stop."

"Začněte Na Příští Zastávce"
("Start at The Next Stop" English translation)

By Marta Romanowski

Chapter: 26-A

I was disgusted by what I did during "The Aug Incident." I hit my lover in the face with my own hand. A hand I could not control.

I lost control.
I lost freedom.
I lost judgement.
I lost restraint.
I lost discipline.
I lost rhythm.
I lost kindness.
I lost the gate.
I lost all sing.
I lost my love.

I wanted to remove my augmentation. It was cosmetic and had caused death.

Why did I spend so much money on something worthless? Only someone at the peak of their own stupidity and in their care free 20s would do such a thing. I could have used that money for something else. For something that could help my life.

Let me know what you think,
J. LeBoef

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