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Klara Sparks was a trainee or subject for the Seattle Tarsus program.

"Klara Sparks, sailing through her studies with alacrity, has also demonstrated a degree of empathy far surpassing any of her Stage 2 counterparts. She shows great potential for a career in negotiation or conflict resolution. Klara is charismatic, with a genuine affection for both her fellow residents and her instructors. She is an excellent motivator of others. Her loyalty to the Tarsus program and her commitment to its ideals are absolute.

Klara’s main drawback as a trainee is a tendency to subordinate her own progress to that of others. In fact, her close friendship with fellow resident Leo Jankowski has evolved into an almost co-dependent relationship, with Leo dominating Klara’s achievements in order to validate his own imagined superiority, and Klara holding back from her full potential in order not to threaten Leo. It is hoped that reintegrating Leo and Klara with the New Chicago Stage 2 trainees will break this cycle, and allow both to progress more according to their respective potentials. "

— dossier on Klara Sparks, Tarsus Security Operations Residency (SOR) program


Intelligent but naive, she turns to the World Trade Organization after leaving Tarsus, where she gets a security assignment, which is all she wanted anyway.

She aids Alex Denton in assaulting the Templar forces that have taken over the ApostleCorp facility in the Cairo arcology. If the player has performed missions for The Order, Klara will state she knows the Order probably wants Dr. Nassif dead, and warns Alex that the WTO wants to capture Nassif alive and that she intends to defend her if Alex attempts to harm her. True to her word, she will repeat her warning when the two of them catch up with Dr. Nassif, and will attack if Alex attempts to kill or knock out Nassif, forcing the player to either kill, knock out, or run away from her.

If she is still alive upon Alex's return to Cairo, Dumier will contact Alex and inform him that Klara was assigned to assassinate Paul Denton, but refused and was therefore arrested as a traitor to the WTO. Dumier threatens to execute her if Alex does not follow his orders. She can be found being held hostage by Donna Morgan in the nanotransformer room. The player is given the option of following Dumier's orders, defying him and allowing Klara to be executed, or rescuing her by killing (or knocking out) Donna Morgan. If rescued, she states her resistance to being turned into a "killing machine", informing Alex that she has had enough of the mercenary life and plans to return home to Seattle.