There is a hackable computer in the Konverz Kafé south of the Palisade Blade Lobby building in Prague. It is used by the owner Lila Wolotowski, and has a security rating of 1. The e-mails on this computer provide some insight into the Konverz Kafé franchise.


Good luck!Edit

From: Konverz Kafé
To: Lila Wolotowski

Mrs. Wolotowski,

We wanted to take this time to wish you the best of luck with getting everything ready. First off, congratulations on getting your holographic system up and running. It is a big and important step on the road map to the grand opening.

We are proud to have you as the franchise owner of our first Konverz Kafé in The Czech Republic. Your work with the Warsaw and Vienna openings were nothing sport of spectacular! We now have high hops (and even higher expectations). ;)

Our lawyers are finalizing the last round of contracts now. The Czech privacy law minutiae took us longer than expected to be ironed out. We are sorry for this delay and have adjusted our financial targets accordingly.

Good luck and we look forward to having our Location Launch conversation with you next week.


Monthly noteEdit

From: Konverz Kafé
To: Lila Wolotowski

To all Konverz Kafé franchise owners,

As you may remember, earlier in the year we promised to let you know as soon as we had news to share about our financial restructuring. Today, we would like to give you and important update about the steps we are taking to position Konverz Kafé for the future.

We reached an agreement with our lenders on a restructuring plan that will reduce our debt by more than seven hundred million dollars. The changes will not impact franchise owners who own less than ten (10) physical locations. The new revenue sharing plan will strengthen our brand, build momentum, and improve growth.

We are also pleased to announce several grand openings this month:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast
  • Chiba, Japan
  • Detroit, United States
  • Salt Lake City, United States
  • Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Thank you for your time and we look forward to sharing some exciting announcements and new Holocomm technology in the coming months.


The Konverz Kafé Executive Team
Same Space - Different Place

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