Korimir Baska's computer is found in housing unit #000252 of Golem City and has a security rating of 2. The unit is under police control and is a restricted area.

E-Mails Edit

Get out! Edit

From: Rudolf Faix
To: Korimir Baksa

Shit, Korimir, the cops are onto us. Someone’s tipped them off that we are planning to hit the lock up. Probably fucking Gallois knowing that snake. I would have come by to warn you but I can see them outside my unit. I know they're just waiting for me to step outside. My advice is run. Now. Take Ella and get into ARC territory. you can disappear in there until things cool down. I wish you’d never gotten me involved in this. Also, I’d delete that last email thread if I was you.

Good luck,

PS: Delete this email too. Fuck just delete everything. Ever.

RE: Jackpot! Edit

From: Rudolf Faix
To: Korimir Baksa

Perfect. Never doubted you for a second. Ella doesn’t know does she? I love my sister but she has a big mouth.

From: Korimir Baksa
To: Rudolf Faix
Subject: Jackpot!

Rudy, that code for the police lock up that we were talking about? The one you said would never happen? Well, all I have to say is 2223! Gallois came through, I told you he would, and he only wants ten percent! Ha! Foolish bastard. Get your ass over here and we’ll get to work on a plan.

See ya soon,

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