Jensons dog

Photo of Megan Reed with Kubrick

Kubrick was Adam Jensen's and Megan Reed's dog. Prior to Reed's planned visit to Washington to present her research, Sarif employee Diane Gonzales was asked to mind the dog while both Reed and Jensen were away.[1] After the terrorist attack on Sarif HQ, with Megan Reed supposedly dead and Adam Jensen in a coma, Gonzales took Kubrick into her care. At a point when it became doubtful that Jensen would wake up, Gonzales had the dog put down, unable to keep looking after him herself.[2]


  • According to Megan Reed, Kubrick had been knocking over the vases in her home due to his increasing size.
  • Moments before the 2027 terrorist attack on Sarif HQ, Adam apologises to Megan for never getting around to building the fence he had promised to build for Kubrick.
  • Jensen still keeps a photo of Kubrick as of 2029 on his dining table as can be seen in the System Rift opening cinematic.