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Kusanagi is a biotechnology firm and augmentation manufacturer in operation during the 2020s. Kusanagi distribute and market their products worldwide including countries such as the United States and China.[1] The company's tagline is "for human beings."


In 2027, a Kusanagi cybernetic arm is featured in the {Aug} magazine, including the cover image.

Later that year, following the leaked footage of augmented super-soldiers, violent protests take place outside the doors of one of Kusanagi's facilities.[2]

After the Aug Incident, which caused a great deal of economic hardship on augmentations industry, the board of directors of Sarif Industries considers selling the Sarif production line to Kusanagi. However, this deal falls through when Kusanagi is bought out by Tai Yong Medical.[3] Sarif Industries would also be bought out by Tai Yong Medical.

Characters with Kusanagi Augmentations[]

  • Hacker Denny from Deus Ex: Icarus Effect has mirrored Kusanagi optics that "give his eyes the look of steel spheres".[4]
  • In Deus Ex: Black Light, an augmented woman in Detroit has a Kusanagi leg augmentation designed for athletes.


  • The company name is likely a reference to Motoko Kusanagi‎, the cyborg heroine of manga and anime series Ghost in the Shell‎.
  • Ocasionally, characters will mistakenly refer to the corporation as "Kusangi" instead of Kusanagi.



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