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The Lightweight Attack Munition (LAM) is a demolition skill weapon in Deus Ex. It is an explosive grenade that can also be planted as a mine. LAMs are used by troops of all types, especially UNATCO and MJ12 troops.


A multi-functional explosive with electronic priming system that can either be thrown or attached to any surface with its polyhesive backing and used as a proximity mine.
<UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE SC093-BLUE> Disarming a proximity device should only be attempted with the proper demolitions training. Trust me on this. -- Sam Carter

— Description in Deus Ex


The LAM is an explosive device that can be used as either a grenade or a wall-mounted mine. When used as a grenade, LAMs will blow up after a few seconds. When mounted on a wall, LAMs will detonate after beeping for a second or two if an enemy walks by them. The LAM is also usable underwater.

With a base damage of 500 and a blast radius of 24 feet, the LAM is capable of destroying small and medium robots, as well as any humanoid enemy, in a single blast regardless of skill level. Due to the manner in which damage is applied through explosions, the LAM is also capable of destroying the military bot in a single blast at the untrained skill level, but only if it is detonated fairly closely to the bot. LAMs are also useful for destroying doors, allowing the player to conserve lockpicks.

As a mine, LAMs can be placed at areas where enemies are expected to later arrive. For example, LAMs can be planted as mines in the 'Ton Hotel just prior to the UNATCO raid during the 4th mission. As another example, during the 6th mission in Hong Kong, enemies that appear if the player uses the front door when returning to VersaLife's facility can be taken down with LAMs planted in advance.

Some LAMs are already planted on the walls when the player first enters a new map. These LAMs can be disarmed and taken into the inventory by walking up to them and hitting the "use" key before they explode. The amount of time before they explode depends on the skill level in the demolition skill.


  • The damage that is output by LAMs is affected by the Combat Strength augmentation, since LAMs are classified as "hand-to-hand" weapons.
  • Like all grenades, LAMs can be used for exploits such as grenade climbing.


  • LAMs can bounce off of walls, which is useful for purging enemies from a room before entering the room. All that needs to be done is to angle the LAM so that it bounces into the room, and the LAM should kill most of, if not all, the enemies in the room. This is more useful for small rooms than large rooms because enemies will have less room to potentially avoid the LAM's blast.


  • LAMs can be first found found in the Statue of Liberty.
  • A junkie called Lenny in the men's bathroom at Brooklyn Bridge Subway Station will trade a LAM for a vial of zyme.
  • The gangster El Rey sells LAMs. If you kill the drug dealer downstairs, El Rey will give a LAM for free. If you then kill all of his gang, the Rooks, he will offer you a second one in exchange for his safety. If you then kill him anyways, a third one can be found on his body.
  • During the third visit to Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler initially has 6 LAMs available for sale for 3500 credits, and 5 LAMs available for 2400 credits after you've met with Stanton Dowd.