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LIMB clinics (Chinese: 肢体诊所) are mechanical augmentation clinics first opened in 2011 by LIMB International.


LIMB clinics are located in many major cities across the globe, such as in Detroit and Hengsha. These clinics provide people wishing to be augmented with surgically implanted mechanical augmentations. They sell neuropozyne to mech-augs to counteract their rejection syndrome, as well as other products needed by augmented people such as Praxis software, ammunition (namely for the Typhoon) and nutrients. Smaller LIMB clinics can be found outside major cities, such as the one located in Panchaea which provides its largely augmented workforce with the products they require.

By 2029, two years after the Aug Incident, LIMB clinics are starting to close their doors worldwide. Prague, once home to one of the largest populations of augmented people, now has an abandoned LIMB clinic in the wake of the Aug Incident. The decline of LIMB clinics is the result of the decline of mechanical augmentations and the public's increasingly hostile opinions towards them.

By the 2050s, with few members of the public still mechanically augmented, the services offered by LIMB would appear to be unnecessary.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Edit

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen can visit LIMB clinics to purchase various items related to his augmentations. The contents of the store is as follows:

Item Price Per Unit Quantity Stack Size
Typhoon Ammo 100 Credit symbol 5 5
Praxis kit 5000 Credit symbol 2 -
Hypostim 100 Credit symbol 2 5
Cyberboost Pro Energy Jar 250 Credit symbol 2


The first time Jensen visits the LIMB clinic in Detroit, he will be given 5000 credits from David Sarif to purchase a new Praxis kit.

Deus Ex: The Fall Edit

In Deus Ex: The Fall, Ben Saxon meets with LIMB doctor Camila Cardoso to arrange neuropozyne shipments for him and Anna Kelso in exchange for investigating the black market for Riezene.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Edit

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an abandoned LIMB clinic in the Dávný District of Prague is used by Jensen and Alex Vega as one of their meeting places, to which Vega comments how it was a sign that Prague saw them (i.e., augmented people) as their future until the Aug Incident happened.


  • The facade of the Detroit LIMB clinic appears to be heavily influenced by TOD's Omotesando Building in Tokyo.
  • The Chinese name 肢体, which may be in error as it is seen only on Hengsha city street signs and not inside the L.I.M.B clinics themselves, is the ordinary word for "limb" ("extremity/body part") and does not allude to the "liberty in mind and body" acronym.


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