By 2052, a number of terminals and hangers at LaGuardia Airport have been sold to a number of private companies and individuals including Juan Lebedev to help relieve the city's financial troubles. Lebedev, being an NSF Sympathizer, allows the NSF to move stolen Ambrosia and armed guards into the airport. To avoid the guards, JC enters the airport through a secret passageway under the Mole People Tunnels. JC is tasked with locating 3 ambrosia containers; one being airlifted at the LaGuardia Helibase, one preparing to leave the docks by boat, and one aboard Lebedev's personal 747. Lebedev's jet is a pivotal point in the game: here Paul reveals the truth about UNATCO, JC speaks to Lebedev himself about the NSF, and Anna Navarre may die here depending on the players actions.

The Airport's lower levels are monitored by several NSF operatives, most with regular small arms, but some wield heavier weapons like flamethrowers and sniper rifles. The surface is populated by NSF guards, with low-level security bots patrolling the area. Once JC reaches the 747, all NSF NPCs will become friendly to him, and once they talk to Lebedev Gunther Hermann will lead a UNATCO raid on the airport.


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