The LaGuardia Helibase is a helibase in Deus Ex owned by Juan Lebedev and located at the LaGuardia Airport in New York City. The helibase is found through Mole People Tunnels via a tunnel in the men's bathroom. The helibase provides access to the main part of the LaGuardia Airport and eventually Lebedev's 747.


The player immediate comes across a split path at the beginning of the level, with the left having Laser tripwires and turrets as obstacles and the right path having steam vents. The left path can be passed by using a multitool on a control panel to the left, using crates to jump over the lasers, or using an EMP grenade found in a vent to the right to disable the lasers. The right path can be passed by using a lockpick on a panel and using the valve inside to turn off the steam.

A room with a Security camera, turrets, and a single NSF Terrorist patrolling. The terrorist contains a key to the door to progress, alternatively the door can be lockpicked or blown up.

The following room contains more lasers and turrets. The lasers can be bypassed by using the vent on the left to fall into the water, by using a multitool on the control panel on the right, or by using the TNT to blow them up. If jumping onto the platforms over the water the player needs to be fast otherwise they will drop the player into the water. After passing the platforms there is an EMP grenade on the wall that will detonate if the player gets too close.

After getting past the water there is a cave-in that can be crawled under to find two security bots patrolling. The bots can be disabled, blown up, ran past or stealthed past in the small holes in the wall.

The sewers lead into the main room of the facility, with ambrosia in the middle on a pallet. Going right leads to bathrooms and a lounge area. Going left leads to offices, a security room, and access to the roof. The outside contains an indestructible Military helicopter.

A terrorist in the bathrooms contains a key to the security room and the lounge area contains an ATM that can be hacked for money. A pinball machine in the lounge can also be used to open a hidden storage area behind the bookshelf.

The security room provides access to disabling the security at the lounge and the elevator, it also provides an alternate way to open the hidden storage in the lounge. A button behind the plant can be used to open another hidden storage area in the security room, giving access to a LAM, a LAW, ammo, a weapon mod and an Augmentation upgrade canister.

A ladder can be accessed to roof can be unlocked outside the security room. A sniper patrols above, overlooking the whole area.

The player can gain access to the LaGuardia Airport by either taking the sewer to the north west or the elevator to the east. The elevator is guarded by two terrorists and a camera and turret. The sewer is unguarded and leads to the LaGuardia dock.


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