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Lan-ri Conglomerate is a drink manufacturer operating in the 2020s. Lan-ri advertisements can be seen in Hengsha in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, though no actual Lan-ri locations are accessible in-game.

The company logo is the company name, Lan-ri, stylized as Chinese characters. The company name is sometimes spelled as "Lan Ri."[1]

Known products[]

  • Soft drinks: Lemon-lime, Orange.[notes 1] Through the third quarter of 2027, the sales of Lemon-lime triple, and Orange sales drop 37%.[2]
  • Lan Ri RealTaste Synthetic CoffeEsque, which is described as "mud-colored and tasteless." This type of coffee is sold in Lucky Dot stores in Detroit in 2028.[1]


  1. These are references to the Deus Ex character Gunther Hermann, who claims soda machines have been tampered with to give him lemon-lime instead of orange.
  • The logo may be a homage to the Chinese artist Xu Bing 徐冰, whose "Art For The People" also consists of English words disguised as Chinese characters.


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