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Lazarus is a rogue radio host that broadcasts in the 2020s. His true identity is unknown, as well as his whereabouts at any given time.


Lazarus graffiti in Detroit.

His show primarily deals with various conspiracy theories, and can be heard on radios throughout the world. The shows are significant in the aspect that the material he speaks about, often reflects what Adam Jensen is doing at the time. For example, Lazarus talks about FEMA camps while in Detroit, the Pangu while in Hengsha, and Zhao Yun Ru while in Tai Yong Medical tower. According to Lazarus in one of his shows, he broadcasts from a moving van in an unknown location with Steve, a skilled hacker, and only allows callers from anonymous web streams. He will cut calls if there is any suspicion of foul play.

In his talk segment, heard over the radio at the Milwaukee Junction plant, he also opposes attacking and stoning the workers of the factories. He points out to his listeners that they are no more responsible for the actions and policies of their employers, than his listeners. He is one of the few characters not to choose an entirely pro-aug or pro-human side, although this is mostly because he believes both are working for the Illuminati.

Lazarus' radio segments[]


  • In the weeks preceding Deus Ex: Human Revolution's release, several clips from Lazarus' broadcastings could be found across the Sarif Industries viral marketing website, The last one ends with Illuminati black ops breaking in and dragging him somewhere, and a gunshot can be heard in the last seconds of the clip. In the game, a broadcast can be heard that references how Lazarus had to fake his own death, which may be referring to the pre-release broadcast.
  • Lazarus sounds a lot like Alex Jones, in both voice and material. Both are American radio hosts who focus on conspiracy theories such as New World Order.
  • Lazarus is also similar to Brett Steed, the host of "Talk Bullet!" in Deus Ex: Invisible War.