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Juan Lebedev's 747 is a Boeing 747 owned by Juan Ivanovich Lebedev. In 2052, the plane is stationed in one of LaGuardia Airport's hangars.

The middle floor of the 747 contains Lebedev's private quarters, while the lowest floor acts as a storage room. Lebedev's quarters remain locked but a NanoKey found on the upper portion unlocks it.

Deus Ex[]

JC Denton is sent to LaGuardia Airport to track down Lebedev, who is hiding out in his 747. Upon reaching the jet, JC can choose to kill Lebedev or let him live. If JC does not kill him, Anna Navarre will follow JC onto the plane and if not stopped, will kill Lebedev herself. JC must also visit the 747 to complete his secondary mission of locating the stolen Ambrosia barrels. One of these barrels can be found on the lower portion of the plane.

An augmentation canister is located in a locked container on the bottom portion of the jet, near the Ambrosia. There is also a repair bot on the same floor.