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Dr. Leila Nassif is the Seattle Tarsus Academy Director and an important member of Tarsus Academy and ApostleCorp in 2072.


Leila Nassif was born into poverty in Cairo, Egypt. At the age of six, she was accepted to a local Tarsus Elementary School program thanks to a need-based scholarship. She thrived under the Tarsus program, and over the next twenty-two years completed an education that culminated in an MS degree in Administrative Science and a medical degree from Seville Medical Center, with certifications in biomodification and psychology. After four years as assistant administrator of the Quito Reconstructive Therapy Center, she was offered her current position as Coordinator of the Seattle Advanced Training Facility.

Despite her youth, Dr. Nassif has shown herself to be fully qualified for her position. Attractive, personable, and highly empathic, Dr. Nassif has earned the loyalty and affection of her students. Having herself benefited extensively from Tarsus-backed scholarship programs, she closely identifies with the experiences of her residents.

Coming from a poor family, Nassif has seen the inequality and injustice brought about by WTO/Illuminati policy, and joined ApostleCorp in an attempt to bring an end to human suffering.

Events of Deus Ex: Invisible War[]

Nassif is a member of ApostleCorp, and is project leader of Tarsus' secret biomodification experiments. After the attack on Tarsus Academy in Seattle, the trainees are ordered to escape and then regroup with her when she contacts them. None of the students do so however, as she never gave them the orders. She flees to Cairo, leaving the Project Director Stan Carnegie in control of the Mako Ballistics facility. Wanted dead or alive by the Illuminati, World Trade Organization, Order Church, and Knights Templar, Nassif spends most of the game on the run. She is pursued by Alex D, because Alex sees her as the one person who can reveal the truth. When Alex finally catches up with her, she tells Alex the truth about Tarsus and what its real purpose is: to create a suitable match between human DNA and nanite biomodification to help revive JC Denton.

Alex and Klara Sparks track her down to the ApostleCorp facility in the New Cairo Arcology, where Alex can either kill her on behalf of The Order, or interrogate her and let the WTO take her into custody.

If she is taken into WTO custody, she can be found in the Arcology's Hanger Bay 23 upon Alex's second visit to Cairo, having taken refuge there along with a contingent of SSC guards and the pop star NG Resonance during the Templar takeover of the city. When spoken to, she will urge Alex to revive Paul Denton and finish JC's work of bringing about universal human democracy, and gift him with a biomod canister.