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"Sgt. Li Wong reporting for duty, sir."
— Sgt. Li Song in Deux Ex: Human Revolution.

Sgt. Li Wong (also known as Sgt. Wong) is a minor character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He appears in the mission "Track Vasili Sevchenko's GPL".


In 2027, Sgt. Wong was asked with guarding the entrance exterior of The Hive. While guarding he'll introduce himself in Mandarin to two other Belltower Security Guards. One will ask for Hong to repeat himself in English. Hong apologizes in English confused he didn't know that they had to speak English while on patrol. The caucasian guard will respond sternly that Belltower Associates is an "English outfit" & that was how he wanted the criminals in Hengsha to see fit. He informs Wong that speaking English is how Bellotower wants to inform everyone that is how they operate.

The African-American guard then follows up stating he didn't want "street rats" approaching the two and asking them questions whenever they pleased. He also states he speaks Mandarin whenever he enters a restaurant and would prefer if he didn't while on duty. The caucasian guard finishes the conversation by informing Wong that if he had an issue with it that he could always call HQ in London.


  • Sgt. Wong wields a Combat Rifle, however will not drop ammunition for it if terminated/killed.
  • Despite his name being Sgt. Li Wong, his NPC model lists him as "Security Guard".
  • If Wong (or his colleagues) spot Adam Jensen, he will get alarmed and tell him to leave but if Adam stands around for too long he will see him as a hostile.
  • The caucasian guard appears to be a higher rank than Sgt. Wong however this is indirectly mentioned through their dialogue but is never confirmed.
  • The two security guard colleagues have no official names.


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