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Liborio Barbadoro is a magic performer and the owner of Negozio di Magia (meaning "shop of magic" in Italian) in northern Prague.

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Liborio is a magic performer who once partnered with Richard Smallhorn in creating and performing a show called "Richard and Liborio's Exploration of the Mind: A Hypnotic Experience," which used area-of-effect social enhancement technology to create communal experiences for the audience. According to Liborio, the technology they used permitted their audience to embark on imaginative explorations, into what Liborio describes as worlds that were more beautiful than the reality. After the Aug Incident, this technology was deemed too dangerous by the public and Liborio ceased working with Richard, who later founded a cult based on the same technology.

If Adam Jensen confronts Richard in the sewers, Jensen has the option of seeking out Liborio to learn more about the technology that Richard is using to hypnotize his cult members. Liborio will explain that Richard is using signal emitters to create the hypnosis, and will provide Jensen with scrambling devices to disrupt Richard's emitters.

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