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The light spider bot is a special security and repair bot in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


This bot does not appear in the Panzerwerks catalog. Therefore, it is likely that the bot is built by Piezochem, which constructs many other non-military robots. The light spider bot is probably used primarily for hunting vermin in sewers and basements.


This nimble and swift bot is designed for light security, particularly in hard-to-reach places such as ventilation shafts or sewers. Alternately, it can be used in combat via spiderbomb grenades which "unfold" into bots when thrown. It delivers short-range EMP attacks.

As they are usually found in confined spaces where the player's mobility is limited, using explosives against spiderbots is often ill-advised. It takes 5-7 shots or 3-5 point-blank shots from the pistol to disable one, so the baton and EMP grenade are usually the most effective weapons against these enemies. Their post-death explosions are the weakest of all the bots in the game, making them safe to destroy in melee. Their attacks are not very damaging, but will interfere with your vision and will sap your bio-energy. Whilst weak on their own, a pack of light-spider bots can be problematic.



  • The player can use the spiderbomb to deploy a friendly light spider bot.