High Augur Lin-May Chen serves the Order as the supreme advisor of Her Holiness.

"A highly placed missionary within the Order, holding the title of High Augur, Lin-May has received a special assignment to uncover and halt the “horrific” experiments being performed on human beings by a secret cabal of scientists. She is dedicated to destroying the research so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of the WTO, whom she presumes would simply continue the program to further their own commercial interests. The daughter of Maggie Chow and Max Chen (Hong Kong-based allies of the MJ12 conspirators of the 2050s) she understands how easily a person can be corrupted and even deceived by powerful interests. She hopes that by devoting herself to the Order Church she can avoid the temptations that allowed her mother and father to be manipulated by MJ12."
Deus Ex: Invisible War description


Lin-May Chen is supposedly the illegitimate daughter of Maggie Chow and Max Chen (presumably born before the events in the original Deus Ex). She grew up in post-Collapse Hong Kong, and was one of Her Holiness' first disciples when The Order church was formed. Due to her parents' involvement with Majestic 12, Chen vowed never to dedicate her life to a dubious or deceitful cause, and fervently believes The Order's ideals are noble.

She is charged by her Holiness to launch an investigation into biomodification; thus, she masterminds the raid on the Tarsus Academy/ApostleCorp facility in Upper Seattle, freeing the trainees. Lin-May Chen is also responsible for convincing Alex D to ally with the Order, as well as providing Alex with mission objectives for The Order.

When the player reaches the end of the Trier section, Alex may choose to devastate Chen through the truth or preserve her faith with a lie. Like Donna Morgan, she is appalled if she discovers The Order is merely a front for the Illuminati. Due to her feelings about her parents' relation with MJ12, she eventually dedicates herself to opposing the Illuminati, instead of joining it like Donna Morgan does. When Alex revisits Cairo, Chen is there in the Medina Apartments, preaching against Her Holiness' lies on the street, and attempting to expose the masses to the truth.

If Alex does not tell her the truth about the Illuminati, she can still be found in the Medina, but this time affirming the faith of those listening to Her Holiness speak.

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