The Lower East Side Cemetery is a location in Deus Ex, located in New York City.

JC Denton is sent here to meet with Stanton Dowd in his family crypt after scuttling the PRCS Wall Cloud. The cemetery's gate keeper is a MJ12 spy, housing an EMP jammer in a secret compartment and calling foot soldiers to the area after JC enters the Dowd Family Mausoleum. After talking to Dowd, the player has to return to the gatekeeper's building, open the secret chamber behind a bookcase, and destroy the EMP emitter for Jock to be able to land.

An augmentation upgrade canister can be found behind the sign reading DOWD inside of the crypt, and various grenades, soda cans, and bags of soy food can be found in the individual tombs. The mausoleum has a secret exit through one of the tombs, allowing the player to sneak past the guards in the graveyard.


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