Lower Seattle is the bottom portion of Seattle in 2072.


After Seattle's land charter with the WTO was signed in 2071, most wealthy people either moved into the Enclave (Upper Seattle), were killed in the rioting, or left the city. The rest of Seattle not under WTO control is referred to as Lower Seattle.

Upper and Lower Seattle are exact opposites: the Enclave has futuristic architecture and more advanced technology, while Lower Seattle resembles a 20th century city suffering from severe urban decay. Most Upper Seattle citizens are wealthy, while Lower Seattle mostly consists of thugs and black market dealers. Most residents of Lower Seattle treat Enclave citizens with great contempt, and refer to them as "scabs".

Lower Seattle has been infested with transgenics, as residents regularly capture, train, and host fights to the death between greasels (locally called "gobs"). In addition, two karkians currently live in the sewers.



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