Lu Pin Rong is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is an arms dealer in Lower Hengsha in 2027.

Lu Pin Rong operates in the sewers beneath the Belltower dock. He sells various types of weapons, ammunition, weapon upgrades, explosives and miscellaneous items. He has two armed guards with shotguns.

As with any other merchant in the game, Adam Jensen can also sell their items to him.

Lu Pin Rong wears a distinctive brooch on his scarf, similar to Seurat, Lin Fu Ren and Peng Xin Hao, implying that they are part of a secret society.


  • He is the only merchant with the computer that appears only once in the game. Jensen CANNOT return to him after completing the Belltower Dock mission, making him a single-visit vendor.
  • He can only be accessed once Tong Si Hung sends Adam Jensen on the mission to the docks.
  • He uses the exact same voice clips as Peng Xin Hao.
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