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Rogers' comp

Rogers' computer in his office.

Lyle Rogers' computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in Lyle Rogers' office (number 21) in the Sarif Industries Headquarters, Detroit. The computer is unlocked.


Watch out![]

FROM: Gale Bergama
TO: Lyle Rogers

Hey, boss. Mr. Sarif just stuck his head in. Looks like he’s on the war path. You might want to get back here ASAP. And, are we still on for the movies Saturday night?

Gale Bergama
Assistant Director, Public Relations and Media
Sarif Industries

Hostage Situation[]

FROM: David Sarif
TO: Lyle Rogers

What the fuck does Picus have against us? Ever since Taggart gave that damn speech in front of the UN, Cassan’s taken every opportunity she has to slant this augmentation debate in HIS favor. We were the ones who were fucking attacked!! WE lost people – he didn’t! That has GOT to earn us SOME sympathy.

Get on the phone and WORK THIS, Lyle. DO WHAT I FUCKING PAY YOU TO DO!