mECHsTYLE! is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in Panchaea's LIMB clinic. mECHsTYLE! seems to be a magazine for mechanically augmented people, and the eBook displays its headlines.

In The Missing Link, a copy of this eBook can be found in crew quarters CMPT-02 B-01 on the cargo ship.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Augmentation Couture and Cutting Edge Cyberware for the Enhanced Human

The United Nations bio-politic vote: What it means for YOU.

Tai Yong Medical's new BX-series cyberlimbs - are the rumors of a 45% failure rate true?

New enhancements for the Hermes cyberleg prosthesis.

Full Body Conversions in the next decade.

Top 5 mECHsTYLE picks - Implanted Cellular Phones & Digital Media Players.

L.I.M.B. opens new clinics in Glasgow, Oslo, and Wellington.

The rise in black market cybernetics - can you afford to take the risk?

Take a Dive! We review the AirSure Implanted Rebreather Device off the coast of Baja!

We discuss the aftermath of the recent anti-augmentation riots in Dallas.

Behind the scenes with Sarif Industries' new dermal sheath process.

On the slopes with the aug-boarders of Aspen.

Looking to the future: Where do we go next? The facts about nanotechnology.

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