MJ12 Helibase

When JC Denton first arrives in Hong Kong his helicopter is forced to land in a secret MJ12 Helibase.

Barracks Edit

There is a barracks to house soldiers within the helibase. It features five bunks and an attached bathroom and showering facility. There are several MJ12 soldiers in the barracks. There is also a datacube that details the use of "acoustic gunfire sensors" throughout Hong Kong.

Hangar Edit

The hangar is a large open area that holds aircraft.

Flight Controls Edit

Access to the hanger doors and weapons lock control panel is in the flight controls area of the helibase. Access to these controls is restricted for security reasons.

Maintenance Access Edit

There was a leak of experimental fuel in the days proceeding JC Denton's arrival to the helibase. Fumes from this spill were captured in purge tanks. If the fuel is released from purge tanks it will move throughout the ventilation system and intoxicate people in the lower levels. These access tunnels and ventilation system allow access throughout most of the helibase, including the bays in which security bots are kept for security emergencies.

Rooftop Edit

The rooftop of the helibase is retractable allowing access for helicopters. On the roof, there are satellite dishes and a basketball hoop.


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